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What volunteering with the festival looks like:   

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Festival Week

Festival Week begins on the Monday before the Festival with the "marking of the green" - the Facilities Team maps out the activity locations for all of the tents and activity areas of the Festival. 


TuesdayWednesday, Thursday, and Friday are when the real pre-Festival excitement happens: moving gear and equipment from storage to the Council Grounds, tables and chairs are put into place, flags and banners are hung, equipment & gear are put into place, golf carts and gators are delivered, vendors and merchants are rolling in and administrative duties are being finalized.


It is action-packed!  And you can be part of the excitement - no sign-up, no long-term commitment, just show up at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds and the Facilities Team will find you something to do.  Give us three hours and we'll give you a volunteer pass to the Festival. 

Friday evening - the front gate, beer tent and festival store can always use a little extra help. And there's usually fiddly bits of set up details still being finalized.

Saturday - there is room at almost every festival activity for you! -- get there by 10am and help direct the groups marching in the parade, spend some time at the front gate greeting your friends and neighbors, hang out in the Wee Folk Area and help the kids with their crafts, help with the creators in Maker's Alley and the sellers in the Market Place by booth sitting while they grab a bite to eat or whatever they may need to do. There's an opportunity to everyone regardless of physical limitations.


By midday Sunday you will see that the Council Grounds are nearly restored to their pre-Festival state. 

This is made possible by the many volunteers who arrive early Sunday morning to roll banners, pick up trash, empty kegs, and load the trailers for their return trip(s) to the storage facility.

We welcome anyone who wants to help and will thank you with a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a donut and all the warm fuzzies you can handle. 

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