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Support the Festival

When you support the Michigan Celtic Festival, you are not only supporting the event, but you’re also supporting the community and you’re taking advantage of a great marketing opportunity: The Celtic Festival has become one of the largest events held in Washtenaw County.

Of course, there are bagpipes & fiddles, but the festival also hosts nearly 50 local artists - providing them affordable space to share their work with the community. There are lots of kilts, many worn by the athletes who every year set national & world records. The craft beer & the food are all made in Michigan as are most of the performers. Dozens of local community service organizations take advantage of free exhibit space to share their message with festival attendees.

It’s important that our sponsors get back exactly what they need - if you’re curious to learn more about the available sponsorship opportunities or to discuss how we can customize a package to suit your business goals, reach out, Deb will be delighted to provide you with all the details and answer any questions you may have.

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