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No one knows who built Stone Henge. The site on Salisbury Plain in England has been used for ceremonial purposes and modified by many different groups of people at different times over thousands of years.


In 2023, it was Jim Peters and Steve Drake, along with many helping hands who built Strawhenge.

A half scale replica of Stone Henge, Strawhenge was constructed with over 250 bales of straw and perfectly aligned with the summer and winter solstices.

Built to commemorate the Festival's first year at its new location, Strawhenge welcomed visitors and shared the history of Stonehenge with young and old alike. 


Strawhenge is not an annual installation. Check out the inks below to see what you missed.

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Click on the gallery below to see photos of how Strawhenge came together, as well as some aerial shots of the finished (temporary) landmark!

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