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Friends of the Festival

Board of Directors

Jeff Ulrich: President, Festival Chairman

Katherine Downie: Secretary, Director - Marketing

Terri Murphy: Treasurer, Director - Event

Andy Sutherland: Director - Field

Judith Raymond: Director - Compliance

Michael Lee: Director - Facilities

Scott Janeczek: Director - Beverage Concessions

Festival Advisory Committee

Andy Sutherland

Jeff Ulrich

Jim Peters

Katherine Downie

Melissa Lee

Paul Wikarski

Terri Murphy

The Festival Chairs

Amber Sotelo
Andy Southwell
Andy Sutherland
Ben Culver

Bob Droppelman

Cara Yellott

Carson Cekola
Cecilia Hooper
Cindy Kopenski
Deb Waterman
Derek Wikarski
Elizabeth Downie
Heather Koepfle
Jack Kopenski
Jeff Ulrich
Jim Peters

Judy Raymond

Katelyn Sakkinen

Katherine Downie
Kirk Poirier
Kyle Latta
Lauren Dawson

Marilyn Geyer
Melissa Lee
Michael Lee
Paul Wikarski
Rachel Paxton
Scott Janeczek
Sheila Pursglove
Tabi Walters
Terese & Warren VanHout
Terri Murphy
Terry Mees
Tim Hoerauf
Tom Todd

Food Vendors Chair
Beverages Chair
Field Director
Workshops Stage Manager

Pipes & Drums Co-Chair

Admissions & Celtic Breeds Chair
Music & Dance Stage Manager

Hospitality Chair
Highland Dance Chair
Sponsorship Chair
Music & Dance Co-Chair
Festival Merchandise Chair
Volunteers Chair
Highland Dance - Stage Manager
Festival Chair
Facilities Chair
Compliance Director
Michigan Corgi Club, President

Marketing Director
Farm Council Manager
Farm Council Manager
Parade Chair

Field Entertainment - Ring of Steel Lead
Workshops Chair
Field Entertainment Chair
Facilities Director
Music & Dance Director
Beverages Co-Chair
Beverage Concessions Director
Media Liaison
CartoCreative Chair
Clans Co-Chairs
Event Director, Treasurer
Surnames Chair
Celtic Kids Chair
Pipes & Drums Chair

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