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One human will carry the racer to the starting line. The other human (owner must bring a second person) will stand at the finish line and catch the racing corgi.

Only participating dogs are allowed on the track.

The individual on the finish line may encourage the dog to run to them in any way that they wish (i.e. wave a toy, call the dog) but cannot cross the line or move toward the dog in any way. No lights, laser pointers, or items thrown down the track will be allowed. NO FOOD/TREATS ALLOWED.

*Racing tip* Whoever retrieves the dog at the finish line must stand back 4-5 feet to allow your dog to cross. If you stand too close to the finish line your dog will slow down and not cross in time.

No excessive noisemakers (i.e. whistles, horns) are permitted.​

Any dog not at the start line at the appointed time will be disqualified from competing in the race.

The dog may also be disqualified if the dog’s name is called and the dog is not in the holding area.

Judges will determine the final finish. All decisions of the judges shall be final.

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